Everything Bundle + Recipe

Ding dong! A bag full of beautiful, fresh produce direct from the terminal plus the recipe and all the ingredients for our famous Gateway Smoothie is now pulling up porch side. And no tax on raw ingredients! 

We're making it simple to stock up with this great value bag that includes the following: 

Organic Kale x 1 bunch
Organic Spinach x 1/2 lb
Organic Apples x 2
Avocado x 2
Organic Pear x 1
Pint Cherry Tomatoes x 1
Organic Celery x 1
Cucumber x 1
Organic Sweet Potatoes x 2lb
Local Garlic x 1 bulb
Lemons x 2 
Organic Hemp Seeds x 125g 

Consider adding a jar of one of our popular dressings like Tricky Tahini or Ginger-Miso, they both go great with roasted or fresh veggies ... link to our sauces here