Do I have to order every day?

Well, if you want to feel like a rock star, then yes. But no, we have tons of people that order every day, twice a week or only once a week. Whatever your commitment is, we’re happy to make lunch for you.

Can I get a daily special on a different day?

Unfortunately no – we buy produce the night before for the next day, so we don’t always have the ingredients for all the specials.

Can I order a daily special online and pick it up?

Most definitely. For a daily special pre-order, select the special (or anything you’d like), pay and select the lowest delivery fee. And we can reimburse you the delivery fee through on our end. 

When will lunch arrive?

For our Monday to Thursday lunch delivery: we aim to have your lunch arrive between 11:30 am and 12:30 pm (for Zone 1) and 12:30pm – 1:15 pm (Zone 2) but orders need to be submitted by 9:30 am the day of delivery.

What happens if I forget to order on the weekend for the following week?

No problem, as long as you get the order to us by 9:30am the day of delivery, we should be good.  Just shoot us an email and we’ll try our hardest to make it happen.

I’d really like to send a friend/co-worker/family member a meal(s) as a gift.  What do I do?

It's easy. Just select gift card from our order page and use the drop down menu to choose the desired amount. Bonus: Your friend will be able to apply the gift card to their order online. Virtual GC – it’s very now.

What if I want lunch on Friday?

Fantastic!  Order away and we’ll make it happen. Our takeout menu is available for delivery on Fridays. 

How long will my salad and smoothie last in the fridge?

They’re good for a couple of days, typically.  And our insteadas and soups are good for 5 days and dressings vary between 7-10 days (good luck having any around after 2 days…they’re THAT good).

These salads are stupid delish and I want to drink the dressing.

That’s actually not a question but rather a statement - but thank you anyway.

Can you provide nutritional info?

That’s the beauty of our food. What you see is what you get. We don’t hide anything and EVERYTHING is made from scratch using quality whole ingredients. Every salad works out to roughly 400 calories of pure goodness and our smoothies run about 75 calories per 500ml. And remember: our smoothies are 3 parts greens to 1 part fruit, so know they’re the best for you. No added sugars, no packaged ingredients - just a party in a bottle.

I’m on a specific diet / cleanse / elimination can I eat your food?

Absolutely. Send us an email, let us know what you need and let’s talk about it.