Can I order the Goods for delivery?

Yes! We’d love that, we deliver the Goods across the city via our zero-contact delivery service. We offer prepared meals, meal kits, dry goods and loads of fresh produce.

All orders placed will deliver on our next delivery day, we deliver Tuesday and Thursday every week, before 5pm. Details here. 

How far will you deliver?

We deliver as far north as Finch, East to Victoria Park Avenue, South to Lake Ontario and West to Islington Avenue. 

Is there a minimum order or a delivery fee? 

Minimum orders for zero-contact home delivery is $40 plus a $5.99 delivery fee. Orders over $100 we’ll deliver for free. 

I’m outside your delivery zone, can I pickup my order? 

Yes of course, indicate pickup in the notes when placing your order and we’ll refund the delivery fee. Orders will be ready the next day between noon and 7pm. We’re located at 279 Roncesvalles Avenue

I'm in a hurry, can I just pickup takeout? 

Absolutely, we offer the fastest fresh takeout in town. You can place your pickup order via UberEATS, when you open the app you’ll see a “Pickup” button in the top left corner, select that and our menu will come up (you might have to search THE GOODS) order what you like and it will be paid and ready for pickup at our location. No extra fees apply. You can also order on DoorDash and select the Pickup option.

So if you’re on UberEATS / DoorDash will they deliver to my house on demand? 

They will! If you’re in Uber’s / DoorDash's delivery zone and need some healthy food quickly from our takeout menu you can order the Goods on UberEATS / DoorDash, it’ll be there within the hour. 

Can I eat your food everyday?

Well, if you want to feel like a rock star, then yes.  

I’d really like to send a friend/co-worker/family member a meal(s) as a gift. What do I do?

1. Select Gift Card and use the drop down menu to choose the desired amount. The GC will be emailed to you and you can send it to your friend, alternatively you can purchase Gift Cards in store and we can provide you with both and email copy and a physical copy. Your friend will be able to apply the gift card to their order online or in store.

2. If you'd like to send a food package to your friend or family member you can order anything you like online, make sure to indicate their address as the delivery address at checkout and if you make a note on your order we will include a card with your personal message. 

How long will my food last in the fridge?

Salads and smoothies are made fresh daily and last about 2 days in your fridge. Soups are good for 5 to 7 days, and they freeze really well. All of our dressings are good for 3 to 6 months from time of purchase, with the exception of Green Gold Dressing, it’s only good for a week, but freezes well, and the Carmenta which is good for 2 weeks.
Check the dates on the jars, and consume our Miso, Tricky Tahini and Kings Sauce within 7-10 days since opening. Chuck and Shades are oil based and will last longer.

These salads are stupid delish and I want to drink the dressing.

That’s actually not a question but rather a statement - but thank you anyway.

Can you provide nutritional info?

Sure, you can check each menu item’s dietary categories online and if you have a specific question about ingredients or nutritional values please contact us info@thegoodsisgood.com. 

I’m on a specific diet / cleanse / elimination can I eat your food?

Absolutely. Send us an email at info@thegoodsisgood.com, let us know what your restrictions are and we can discuss the options. 

I have special dietary needs, what are my options? 

Of course! We are happy to accommodate dietary needs. Our food is always vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free/low-glycemic and nut-free. We have sesame-free and soy-free options. 

I have a nut allergy, can I eat at the Goods? 

Totally your call, here's the deal. Everything we make in our kitchen is nut-free, all our soups, salads, smoothies, sandwiches and treats. We have no nuts in the store. But some of our ingredients are bulk packed and processed in facilities that have nuts. 

Is your location stroller and wheelchair friendly? 

Yes, we built our location to be accessible to everyone. For full details check out our review on AccessTO

I want to bring my whole family, are you baby and kid friendly? 

Yes please, now we are open to the public again! We love everyone and we have lots of items on our menu that the local babies and kids love like our smoothies, soups and sauces. We're also happy to chop up some plain veggies and dip if you like. The bigger kids also eat our soups and many of our bowls. We'll be happy to take you though the menu. We also have room for strollers and a change table in the washroom.