Be a Goodwich Sandwich Kit

Be a Goodwich Sandwich Kit

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This sandwich is by far the most popular item on our menu, and the day has finally come for you to have it anytime, made by you, at home. Our fully-loaded veggie sandwich is bursting with flavour and vibrant fresh produce. Layer perfectly ripe avocado on gluten-free sourdough bread, crisp purple sauerkraut, juicy tomatoes, piled high with kale sprouts, dressed with our creamy herb dressing and sweet spicy mustard. Layer this sandwich with as much or as little as you like. 

Our intention of this recipe is to make it easy for you to have fast, fresh food when you need it most. With two full jars of dressing, you can experiment and jazz up any food in your fridge. Try tossing the Green Gold Dressing over any salad or roasted potatoes, it’s gold! Nutritious food at your fingertips.

Makes enough for 8 sandwiches, with some extras like a full loaf of bread, a jar of dressing and a jar of mustard so you can experiment.