FRIDAY JULY 19, 8:30PM to 10:30PM The Sacred Ritual Of Smoking Herbs

with Energetic Herbalist Bo Large of The Alshemist and Lisa creator of The Goods.

Curious what plants you can smoke other than cannabis and why you would want to smoke them?

Learn from Herbalist and Energetic Healer Bo as she shares about the sacred medicine of smoking plant and Lisa of the Goods as she teaches you how to roll the perfect herbal cigarette.  

Not only will you learn about the specific energetics and uses of smoking different plants, how to properly roll a herbal cigarette, each participant will also get to make two of their own herbal smoking blends to take home. Enjoy a scrumptious dinner by The Goods and get cozy while we learn, create and expand into the world of plants.

What you will learn in the workshop:

* A variety of beautiful and expansive plants you did not know you could smoke
* The folk medicine and energetics of each plant
* How smoking specific plants can be a tool to support your experience
* How to create your own custom herbal smoke blends
* How to roll an herbal cigarette.
* The esoteric and spiritual elements of smoking

What you will receive at the workshop:

* A soul nourishing plant-based (vegan) snack + refreshment made with love by The Goods
* Two plant-based smoking blends you get to create during the workshop and take home to explore
* A beautiful pack of rolling papers
* A understanding of the sacred plants you are interacting with, herbal plant wisdom, and a spiritual understanding of ritual of smoking