The Team

                                                                                From left Stephanie Hung, Rachael Hare, Lisa Labute, Rebecca Johnson and Jessica Maiorano 
                                                                                                                         (photographer Kyla Zanardi, Uber Canada 2016)

Food Has Power

Food is at the root of everything, we build relationships, cultures and communities around it.

The food we have access to directly affects the way we live. If we have access to little or no food we starve. If we have access to nourishing real food we thrive. If we only have access to processed fake food we wither. 

Whether we've truly made the connection between food and our wellbeing doesn't matter, what we eat affects us the same regardless of our awareness. 

It's a powerful tool to betterment, I've experienced it in my own life and it's why I started the Goods. To give our community the chance to experience what real food looks like and tastes like and ultimately what it feels like.

We're proud to be part of the food movement, it has the power for change. Lisa Labute - Raw Chef, Owner and Creator of the Goods