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Limited Edition Grazing Bundle + Recipe

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Introducing a perfectly curated bag of house-crafted products and fresh ingredients to make all your at-home grazing dreams come true. This healthful taste adventure ensures you'll always have satisfying bites to nibble on. 

We're making it simple to stock up with this great value bag that includes the following: 

1L Hibiscus Chia Tea: our bubbly house recipe 

2 batches of organic popping corn with fresh dilly topping: we have a simple trick for popping it at home so you can munch on the tastiest hot popcorn in town

6 Crisps: house-made thin & crunchy veggie crisps 

1 Avocado: perfect on its own or sliced on the crisps

6 K Bar Bites: decadent vegan chocolate treats made in small batches.

250ml Probiotic Kimchi Hummus: smooth and savoury house-made recipe

Veggie Sticks: carrots, celery, and peppers cut for dipping

2 Bananas: because we think they are an essential snack